Frequently Asked Questions

I want to join Plum Village activities in Singapore. How do I get started?

The Days of Mindfulness is organised regularly. It'd be best if you can join and practise with us. Keep an eye on our website for new event registration, or subscribe to our email list to receive the invitation via email.

I have no experience in meditation or knowledge about mindfulness, can I sign up for Joyful Garden Sangha's activities?

Yes, you can. Our Day of Mindfulness is open to all, regardless whether they are new or experienced practitioners.

I am not Buddhist, can I sign up for Joyful Garden Sangha's activities.

Yes, you can. All persons regardless of religion and beliefs are welcome. Do expect to experience some Buddhist elements in our activities though, as the Plum Village tradition is a Buddhist one.

How can I know more about the Plum Village tradition?

There are many books written by our teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, widely available in bookstores and as e-books. You can also read about Plum Village at their website

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