Please note registration has closed for the coming family retreat in Thai Plum Village.

Plum Village Singapore Retreat 2019-00001

Harmony in our Home - Joy in the World

Immerse yourself and your family in the peaceful and luscious green environment at Thai Plum Village International Practice Centre, next to Khao Yai National Park, Thailand. Be surrounded, guided and inspired by hundreds of monastic students of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. Allow the chatter of your mind to fade away and connect more deeply to yourself, your loved ones and nature. Listen to the songs of the birds and the chants of the wind. Open your eyes to the clouds and the star-lit nights. Smell the flowers. Taste the food. Touch the earth. Listen to yourself and your loved ones. Speak loving words. Begin anew with yourself and your relationships. These are the things that we will practice together as a community during this retreat, to realise our new year aspirations to bring harmony to our home and joy to the world.


Plum Village Singapore Retreat 2019-00005

Thai Plum Village International Practice Center is located at 174,176 Ban Sra Nam Sai, Moo 7, Tambon Pongtalong, Pak Chong District in Nakorn Ratchasima which is about 240 km North-East of Bangkok. It takes approximately 3.5-4 hours from downtown Bangkok (Victory Monument) by public van.

Thai Plum Village provides transportation from Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) and Don Mueang Airport (DMK) to the centre, and from the centre back to the airports.

Please book your own plane tickets to Bangkok and provide us with the flight details when you have them. This will help Thai Plum Village coordinate pick-up and send-off.

Retreat check-in starts at 2pm, 1 Jun 2019. Please arrange to arrive in Bangkok by 12 noon latest as land travel takes about 4 hours.


The tentative retreat programme is as below. Please note that changes may be made and announced during the retreat itself. You do not need to print the schedule as it will be made available at common areas of the retreat venue.

Tentative Programme

1 Jun

Before 16:00 – Arrival & Registration
16:00 – Orientation
17:30 – Dinner
19:30 – Orientation (dharma talk)

5 Jun

11:30 – Lunch
13:00 – Departure

The full retreat schedule can be found here.

Plum Village Singapore Retreat 2019-00006


Plum Village Singapore Retreat 2019-00004
  • S$230 for adults
  • S$170 for children (from 6 to 12 years old)

These include the retreat fees (4-night full board) and airport pick-up and send-off. Fees are required at registration. Your participation will be confirmed after your payment has been received.

If you would like to extend your stay at the centre, you may arrange with us separately after your registration has been confirmed. The extended stay’s fee of 30 USD for each night can be paid in cash upon arrival.


You can arrange your air tickets after you have completed the retreat registration.

1 Jun 2019

  • Pick-up taxi/van available at both Bangkok airports (Suvarnabhumi & Don Mueang)
  • Two pick-up time options: 12 PM and 2 PM
  • Please arrive early enough for either pick-up time

5 Jun 2019

  • Send-off taxi/van leaves the centre at 1 PM and goes to either airport
  • Land transport takes 4 hours
  • Please book flights with departure time from 7 PM onwards

Have a question about this?

If for any reason you cannot arrange your flights according to Thai Plum Village's schedule above, please talk to us immediately before you register for the retreat.

Plum Village Singapore Retreat 2019-00003

Registration (CLOSED)

What will be asked during registration?

The first name, last name and email address of each participant in your group

Phone number of the primary participant

How can I pay?

See below

Bank Transfer/PayNow

S$230.00 (Adult) / S$170.00 (Child)
  • No transaction fee
  • 1. Register
  • 2. Receive payment instructions
  • 3. Pay within 24 hours
  • 4. Receive registration confirmation
  • 5. Book your air tickets
  • 6. Stay in touch for logistic arrangement
  • 7. Retreat!

Credit/Debit Cards

$238.63 (Adult) / S$176.38 (Child)
  • Inclusive of card processing fee
  • 1. Register & pay at the last step
  • 2. Receive confirmation immediately
  • -
  • -
  • 5. Book your air tickets
  • 6. Stay in touch for logistic arrangement
  • 7. Retreat!

Register Now

Please read the information about flight arrangement before proceeding with registration.

Go up and read it now

How to register now:

  • select your payment option
  • specify numbers of attendees
  • then proceed!
Bank Transfer
or PayNow
Credit or
Debit Cards

There is no transaction fee for this payment method. We will receive the full amount you send.

There is a small transaction fee for this payment method. That will be added to your final registration fee. You will be asked to make payment using your card at the last step of registration. Your registration will be automatically and immediately approved after payment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Tap on any question to show/hide the response to it.

I am not Buddhist, can I sign up?

Yes, you can. Although the Plum Village tradition is a Buddhist tradition, all persons regardless of religion and beliefs are welcome.

I have no experience in meditation or knowledge about mindfulness, can I sign up?

This retreat is open to all, regardless whether they are new or experienced practitioners.

Is this a silent retreat?

The retreat is not entirely silent. We observe noble silence before bed-time until after breakfast.

How can I know more about the Plum Village tradition?

There are many books written by our teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, widely available in bookstores and as e-books. You can also read about Plum Village at their website:

Who is organising this retreat?

The main organiser of the retreat is Thai Plum Village International Practice Center. The monastic community there will be the ones planning the retreat programme and facilitating it. Joyful Garden Community of Mindful Living (JGCML) is a registered society in Singapore (informally known as Joyful Garden Sangha) helping to coordinate this retreat in terms of local registration and information dissemination. We are a lay community of practice formed in 2008 by a group of friends who were inspired by the practice of mindfulness taught by our dear teacher, Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. We are all volunteers contributing time and effort to regularly organise Days of Mindfulness so that we can sustain our own practice and at the same time introduce mindfulness so that more people can live with peace, joy, and solidity.

Where is the retreat held and why is it not in Singapore?

The retreat will be at Thai Plum Village International Practice Center, located in Pakchong district, 240km north-east of Bangkok, Thailand. It is approximately 4 hrs by land from Bangkok city. The address is: 174,176 Ban Sra Nam Sai, Moo 7, Tambon Pongtalong, Pak Chong District in NakornRatchasima.

We have benefited from attending retreats at Thai Plum Village and we wish to share this experience with more people. The benefit of going to the Center is the opportunity to immerse in the collective energy of mindfulness from the 200 over monastics who live there. In addition the Center’s proximity to the Khao Yai national park provides a conducive environment for getting in touch with the nourishment and healing from nature.

Who are the dharma teachers for the retreat?

There are many excellent senior dharma teachers at the monastery with many years of experience living and teaching on mindfulness both at the Center and in the region. The Center will arrange for the appropriate teachers in terms of language ability and familiarity with Singapore’s living situation.

I am not fluent in English, can I attend?

The main language used is English. However if you need translation support, especially for dharma talks, please indicate clearly during your registration. The languages supported will depend on the availability of translators at the Center during that period of retreat.

Who will arrange for my travel to Thailand?

Please arrange your own flight to and from Bangkok airport. We will help arrange the airport transfer to Thai Plum Village in Pak Chong, Thailand. There are many budget airlines flying there from Singapore. You are advised to head to either Suvarnabhumi airport (BKK) or Don Mueang airport (DMK).

For arrival do ensure you arrive before the pick-up times (remember to include custom clearance delays).

For departure, flights from 7pm onwards is advised so as to cater to possible traffic jam to airport.

Do read the Flights section for details.

What kind of accommodation is available?

Separate communal dormitories for men and women will be provided. Family members of the same gender may request to be housed together and the Center will try to accommodate such requests.

What if I wish to withdraw after registering?

Please notify us immediately so that we can free up the space for other applicants.

What to bring
  • Comfortable and respectful clothing. Please wear pants/skirts to knee length or longer, and shirts that cover the shoulder, i.e., no tank tops, spaghetti straps, shorts, short skirts.
  • Sufficient clothing for your entire stay in the retreat. Facilities for hand washing of laundry is available, i.e., detergent, hangers.
  • Light clothing as it is the warm dry season in Pak Chong, Thailand. Historically the temperature range is 25 – 34 C (night – day).
  • A portable water bottle or flask.
  • An umbrella or poncho.
    Insect repellent, sunscreen.
  • Personal toiletries, towel, flashlight and medication.
  • Appropriate footwear. We recommend: comfortable shoes for short walks and casual shoes/slippers that are easy to slip-on and slip-off.
What not to bring
  • Do not bring any valuables.
  • Vegan meals will be provided. Avoid bringing other foods.
  • Please keep the retreat smoke free, alcohol free, and scent (i.e. perfumes/colognes) free.
  • To fully enjoy the benefits of the retreat, we invite you to take a break from projects, smartphones and all other electronic gadgets (eg. game devices, MP3 players, tablets) during your time at the retreat. Please try to only use the phone when you really need to.
What if I have special dietary needs?

The food will be vegan because the Center is also a monastery where the monks and nuns live. It will be difficult to cater for special dietary requirements as the necessary ingredients may not be available.

I am not Singaporean, can I sign up?

This retreat is organised for anyone residing here regardless of nationality. If you live outside of Singapore you are welcome to register although priority will be given to residents.

When is the registration period?

Online registration was officially launched on 11 Mar 2019 and will remain open till 12 May 2019.

What information do I need to provide for registration?

Please get the following information ready. Thai authorities require the Centre to record such details.

  • Personal particulars: name, date of birth
  • Flight details: flight number, departure/arrival date & time, airport
  • Passport details: name, nationality, passport number, passport expiry
Airport transfer information

Please refer to this document for details on airport pick-up and transfer transport.

What happens after the retreat?

You are welcome to join our community for its regular Day of Mindfulness and other activities to sustain your practice. From experience we have observed that it is difficult to continue on the path of practice once we return to the busyness of work and family life.

What if I have other questions?

You may contact us at:

Contact us online here.

Whatsapp/SMS/voice: (65) 9177 1668 (Mertini)

Whatsapp only: (60) 12 772 1229 (Will)

Alternatively, come meet with us at a Day of Mindfulness. Our activities are announced here:

The Day of Mindfulness is like a mini 1 day retreat, and there is a segment where you can pose questions to the community.

In gratitude,

Team Retreat
and all of us at Joyful Garden Sangha

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any queries.

Plum Village Singapore Retreat 2019-00002

Will you be checking in here?

1 June 2019 - 4:00pm

Thai Plum Village International Practice Centre