mindfulness . concentration . insight
  • 28 February 2021
    10:00 - 14:00

Tentative Programme


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  • 10:00 Welcome & Introduction
  • Total Relaxation (please see note below)
  • Guided Sitting Meditation
  • Dharma Talk video
  • Mindful Eating (please see note below)
  • Mindful Walking (please see note below)
  • Dharma Sharing
  • 14:00 Farewell

(There will also be a short break in the middle of the programme)


Things You Need

  • You need a quiet space, good internet connection and a laptop/tablet/phone.
  • For the best experience, use a laptop with earphone/headset.
  • IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME using Zoom online meetings, take a minute to pre-install the application on your computer/device. You can also familiarise yourself with using Zoom.
  • For Total Relaxation, please have a yoga mat or bed next to you where you can lie down
  • For Mindful Eating, please prepare a lunch that you can easily get ready during a 5-10 minute break, for e.g. fruits, bread, or a simple hot meal that you can quickly heat up. We invite you to consider a vegan meal, and join us in practicing compassionate eating.
  • For Walking Meditation, please plan on having a bit of walking space (even just a few steps is enough)*


Breathe, You are Online

The Horse is Technology

… if technology can help you to go home to yourself and take care of your anger, take care of your despair, take care of your loneliness, if technology helps you to create joyful feelings, happy feelings for yourself and for your beloved ones, it’s going in a good way and you can make good use of technology…

– Thich Nhat Hanh

It is much more difficult to be present and to feel the presence of other people when we are in a virtual environment. Practising online also lacks the “human touch” compared to being physically together. But those gaps can be effectively minimised with a few simple practices:


Before the Session

  • Take your time to TRANSITION from your previous activities to the scheduled meeting/practice. The convenience of being able to join a meeting from home may trick us into squeezing in a house-chore just two minutes before the meeting, thinking we can still be on time and it would not make any difference. But it does make a lot of difference, and it will surely affect the collective atmosphere.
  • What you can do is to take ten or fifteen minutes before the scheduled time to “virtually travel” to this space. Find a seat where it is COMFORTABLE and QUIET, and where your internet connection seems strongest. Get your laptop/tablet/phone ready. Give your laptop a Restart if you have been using it for a while. Close other programs or browser tabs to MINIMISE DISTRACTION/temptation during the session. Bring your favourite drink.
  • We may do some movements so set aside an arms length of SPACE around you.
  • It would be much appreciated if you could KINDLY BE PUNCTUAL so that the programme can start on time, the sitting meditation won’t get interrupted by people joining in, and you yourself will have ample time to gently slow down and relax into the practice. Those coming in late can enjoy their breathing while waiting to be let in.


During the session

  • Keeping your WEBCAM on all the time will help other people feel your presence better. That also helps the teacher or facilitator know if you are following.
  • Know how to MUTE and UNMUTE your microphone. For better sound quality, mute your microphone when you are not speaking.
  • Feel free to refresh yourself when needed. If there’s a need to step aside, turn off your video and microphone and leave mindfully.
  • For sharing circles (dharma sharing), everyone will be randomly assigned to breakout rooms.



  • Our Day of Mindfulness is organised wholly on a volunteer basis and collectively funded by participants including the organising team.
  • Your donation goes towards the expenses of operating our practice centre (main cost is rent of $3,000/month).
  • NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL AND ANY CONTRIBUTION IS APPRECIATED. You can donate via PayNow/bank transfer instructions to be shared during the online event.



  • If you cannot come to this session, please inform us as soon as possible, so that space can be given to others.





The link to this Zoom online meeting will be shared with you when you register.

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