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Countdown to retreat check in

14 Mar 2020, 10:00am - 12 noon

City Beach Resort
8 Port Road
Singapore 117540

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Peace in Oneself, Peace in the World

This conference retreat is suitable for anyone regardless of experience with mindfulness. It will benefit those who wish to apply mindfulness in real world settings, whether it is in the personal scope of self-care, parenting, caregiving, or in the professional scope of teaching, healthcare, psychotherapy, or social and community work. There will be opportunities to network with the diversity of invited speakers from the region.



The tentative retreat programme is as below. Please note that changes may be made and announced during the retreat itself. You do not need to print the schedule as it will be made available at common areas of the retreat venue.

Tentative Programme

14 Mar 2020 (first day)

10:00 – Arrival & Registration
12:30 – Lunch
13:45 – Opening speech
15:00 – Panel discussion/workshop
17:00 – Outdoor activities/exercise
18:00 – Dinner
20:00 – Evening activities
21:30 – Lights out - rest

18 Mar 2020 (last day)

12:30 – Lunch and farewell

The full retreat schedule can be found here.



Plum Village Singapore Retreat 2019-00004
  • SGD 600 per individual (twin-share room)
  • Early Bird Price: SGD 525 (until 7 Jan. 2020)

Fees cover 4-night full board (3 main meals a day).
Fees are collected after online registration. Your participation will be confirmed after your payment has been received.

If you would like to extend your stay at resort hotel please approach the resort directly.

Tap on any question to view the response to it.

Why is this called a conference retreat and how is it different from a retreat?

This is a retreat similar to all Plum Village retreats where there is opportunity to practise mindful sitting, mindful eating, mindful walking/movements, and mindful singing. The unique portion is that there will be talks/workshops where invited speakers cover topics on application of mindfulness to specific areas such as physical healthcare, mental wellness, education, and social/community services.

I'm not a working professional, can I join?

Yes. The retreat will be beneficial to anyone who wishes to apply mindfulness in their personal sphere, e.g., as parents, caregivers, or simply for personal self-care.

Can children join this conference retreat?

The conference retreat is aimed at adults. So there is no programme catered for children. 

I am not Buddhist, can I sign up?

Yes, you can. Although the Plum Village tradition is a Buddhist tradition, all persons regardless of religion and beliefs are welcome.

I have no experience in meditation or knowledge about mindfulness, can I sign up?

This retreat is open to all, regardless whether they are new or experienced practitioners.

Is this a silent retreat?

The retreat is not entirely silent. We observe noble silence before bed-time until after breakfast.

How can I know more about the Plum Village tradition?

There are many books written by our teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, widely available in bookstores and as e-books. You can also read about Plum Village at their website:

Who is organising this retreat?

This retreat is co-organized by Joyful Garden Community of Mindful Living (Singapore) and Plum Village Mindfulness Academy (Hong Kong).

Joyful Garden Community of Mindful Living (JGCML) is a registered society in Singapore (informally known as Joyful Garden Sangha). We are a lay community of practice formed in 2008 by a group of friends who were inspired by the practice of mindfulness taught by our dear teacher, Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. We are all volunteers contributing time and effort to regularly organise Days of Mindfulness so that we can sustain our own practice and at the same time introduce mindfulness so that more people can live with peace, joy, and solidity.

Plum Village Mindfulness Academy, a unit of the Plum Village Foundation Hong Kong Ltd, is an institute for research, education, and training in mindfulness. It serves as a medium for bringing mindfulness into the mainstream in a non-sectarian way. It was established in August 2014, to meet the growing needs of collaboration with educational and professional institutions, and the training of working professionals in many different fields, especially in the education, healthcare and human services area. 

Where is the retreat held?

The retreat will be in Singapore at the City Beach Resort, located next to the scenic Labrador Park offering seaside views. 

Address: 8 Port Rd, Singapore 117540

Who are the dharma teachers for the retreat?

Key senior dharma teachers (monastic and lay) will be present for this retreat. As this is a conference, various speakers who are experienced practitioners will also be conducting talks/workshops.

Further details will be published once known.

I am not fluent in English, can I attend?

The main language used is English. We apologize as there are no translators available. If you need translation support, please ask a friend to help.

Who will arrange for my travel to Singapore?

Please arrange your own flight and land transport to the retreat venue and back. The retreat fees cover lodging, three daily meals, and all retreat activities within the programme.

What kind of accommodation is available?

The lodging is based on twin-sharing basis, and separate living arrangements will be made for men and women. Family members may request to share the same room.

Each room comes with its own attached toilet and shower, with air-conditioning available. Rooms are spread across two levels at the resort, with the upper level accessible via stairs only.

Those with mobility problems can request for ground floor rooms.

What if I wish to withdraw after registering?

Please notify us immediately so that we can free up the space for other applicants.

What to bring
  • Own food container/dish and cutlery for meals.
  • Comfortable and respectful clothing. Please wear pants/skirts to knee length or longer, and shirts that cover the shoulder, i.e., no tank tops, spaghetti straps, shorts, short skirts.
  • Sufficient clothing for your entire stay in the retreat. Laundry service is available from the resort at your own expense.
  • Light clothing as Singapore is generally warm and humid. 
  • A portable water bottle or flask.
  • An umbrella or poncho.
  • Insect repellent, sunscreen, flashlight.
  • Personal toiletries, medication. Towel is optional.
  • Appropriate footwear. We recommend: comfortable shoes for short walks and casual shoes/sandals/slippers that are easy to slip-on and slip-off.
Why do we need to bring food container and cutlery?

We wish to minimize the use of disposables during the retreat as part of our efforts to reduce impacts on the climate.

What not to bring
  • Do not bring any valuables.
  • Vegetarian meals will be provided. Avoid bringing other foods.
  • Please keep the retreat smoke free, alcohol free, and scent (i.e. perfumes/colognes) free.
  • To fully enjoy the benefits of the retreat, we invite you to take a break from projects, smartphones and all other electronic gadgets (eg. game devices, MP3 players, tablets) during your time at the retreat. Please try to only use the phone when you really need to.
What if I have special dietary needs?

The food will be vegetarian and catered for all meals. We regret that it may be difficult to customize to specific dietary needs but do write in to us and we will see if alternatives can be arranged.

I am not Singaporean, can I sign up?

This retreat is an Asia Pacific event so all are welcome to sign up, even if you're not from this region. The first such conference retreat was held in Hong Kong in 2015.

When is the registration period?

Online registration was officially launched on 1 Oct 2019 and will remain open till 31 Jan 2020.

What information do I need to provide for registration?

Please get the following information ready. 

  • Personal particulars: first name, last name(family name), occupation, date of birth, email address, contact number
  • The resort requires the following to register all guests:
    • NRIC number (for Singapore citizens & PR)
    • Passport number and country of origin (for all others)
What happens after the retreat?

If you reside in Singapore, you are welcome to join our local community for its regular Day of Mindfulness and other activities to sustain your practice. From experience we have observed that it is difficult to continue on the path of practice once we return to the busyness of work and family life.

If you wish to find a community back in your home country, you can look up the international Sangha directory here:

What if I have other questions?

You may contact us at:

Contact us online here.

Alternatively, come meet with us at a Day of Mindfulness. Our activities are announced here:

The Day of Mindfulness is like a mini 1 day retreat, and there is a segment where you can pose questions to the community.


What will be asked during registration?

  1. Your first name, last name, date of birth, occupation, email address, and phone number.
  2. The resort requires the following to register all guests:
    • NRIC number (for Singapore citizens & PR)
    • Passport number and country of origin (for all others)

How can I pay?

There are 2 payment options:

  1. Bank Transfer/PayNow
  2. Credit/debit card deduction

The tables below provide a side-by-side comparison of steps involved. Credit/debit card deduction is more convenient but incurs a processing fee which we are unable to absorb.

Bank Transfer/PayNow

S$600 (individual) / S$525 (early bird, until 7 Jan. 2020)
  • No transaction fee
  • 1. Register
  • 2. Receive payment instructions
  • 3. Pay within 24 hours
  • 4. Receive registration confirmation
  • 5. Stay in touch for updates
  • 6. Retreat!

Credit/Debit Cards

S$622.20 (individual) / S$544.43 (early bird, until 7 Jan. 2020)
  • Inclusive of card processing fee
  • 1. Register & pay at the last step
  • 2. Receive confirmation immediately
  • -
  • -
  • 3. Stay in touch for updates
  • 4. Retreat!

Register Now

How to register now:

  • select your payment option
  • specify numbers of attendees
  • then proceed!
Bank Transfer
or PayNow
Credit or
Debit Cards

There is no transaction fee for this payment method. We will receive the full amount you send.

Details Registration Fees No. of Attendees
General Feeshow details + $600.00 (SGD)  
Early Bird Fee (until Jan.7, 2020)show details + $525.00 (SGD)   Expired

There is a small transaction fee for this payment method. That will be added to your final registration fee. You will be asked to make payment using your card at the last step of registration. Your registration will be automatically and immediately approved after payment. 

Details Registration Fees No. of Attendees
General Feeshow details + $622.20 (SGD)  
Early Bird Fee (until Jan.7, 2020)show details + $544.43 (SGD)   Expired

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In Gratitude,
Conference Retreat Organizing Team